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Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.

Anniversary Vow Update 2016

This year my husband and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. It isn't a special number by any traditional standards. But for us, it felt like a year of solid shifts as we reflected on our time together the past 7 years. We decided to plan something special for our anniversary celebration that revolved around updating our vows. 

I'm calling it an update, because it really wasn't a renewal. Neither of us broke our original vows. But we never wrote our first vows either, and in fact the person who married us made it a requirement that he wrote them for us and that we wouldn't know what they were until we said them to each other that day. We just didn't feel like our married life together really reflected the vows he originally wrote for us, so we wanted to write our own and make it a special reading of them to one another.

Something intimate, just for us. Something that reflects who we are now, where we evolved from, but included some of our favorite elements of our wedding too. I wanted it to feel real, vulnerable,  special, and captured on film like a fly on the wall. 

We asked Sara to photograph us and document it by entering into our space lightly. She captured it exactly as I'd hoped. And we are finally sharing these special images. 

The styling, realness, and beauty of vulnerability is exactly what I want to exude for the couples I/we work with. So much of what I want for 2017 work to evolve into, starts with moments like this. If we aren't sharing the realness of us with you, then how can we expect to have you invite us into moments of realness with you? 

And so we share these...


Florals + Styling: Pavan Floral 

Photos: Sara Weir 

Ceramic candlesticks: Notary Ceramics

Bag + Jewelry: Myers Collective 

Silks: Silk and Willow 

Dress: Heidi Merrick

Cake: The Good Cookies

Dishes: Crate and Barrel

Vow books: Refine Studio

Suit: H&M

Location: Downtown Los Angeles Library + Cafe Pinot 

© PAVAN floral // 2016