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Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.

Bailey + Brittany Wedding

One of my favorite arch designs was from this wedding last December for my nephew and his new wife. I was lucky to work with Sara Weir and have it documented so beautifully.

It makes such a difference to show up on a wedding day and work with a friend in another field. We always go above and beyond for each other when we collaborate, which means the couples we work with really benefit too because we always try to elevate each other's craft. She and I have worked together over the past couple years and really honed each other's styling and portfolios, so working on a real wedding together is always such a dream situation for us. 

This wedding was the perfect example of how well having that established relationship with vendors can play out. While I was still setting up the church she took the bridal party flowers to the other location so they could be shot in the best light and not rush any timing. Timelines are something we always collaborate in detail before a wedding or event to make sure we are on the same page for everything to go smoothly. 

While we were at the church doing detail shots, we carried a table through mud onto the grass area where the reception was originally supposed to take place. Because the couple had to make last minute changes due to rain, we wanted to still preserve some of the memory of the garden setting they had dreamed up, even though the reception had to be moved to the concrete area. Those are the things we do for each other, and that we can offer our clients that just elevates the day. I think it really shows how much we enjoy our work too. We want the best shots for our couples, and we want the best shots for ourselves...and mostly, we want to really enjoy our jobs because that's what elevates our inspiration. Rarely do weddings play out exactly as planned...but with good collaboration, hopefully those things aren't what are remembered or even noticed when the day is passed. 

The area I help design and create with florals, and which Sara captures as memories, is a place that holds sacred ground for the exchange of personal vows. It should be a reverent place. And I believe the energy your team brings into the event should be blessing that space and enhancing it to all its potential. I think these photos really epitomize our work process together. I knew without a doubt as the rain poured down, she would get messy with me without questions to create and capture beauty together.  


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