PAVAN FLORAL / Brie Walter

Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.



The next phase is the translation phase. From all I observed and read about, from my notes, from my play, I extract what I think that may actually look like if transformed into something bridal.

I bring in other vendors to collaborate at that point, but still keep it small and concise as a group.

These were my vendor friends this time around:

Photos + Florals + Styling: @pavanfloral

Paper goods sketches: @jenny_sanders_

Model: @marissaborovay

Dresses: @sweetcarolinestyles

Wood pedestal: @surclewood

Silks + ribbons: @froufrouchic 

Cake: @thegoodcookies


This was the first time I've used black and white film, and I wasn't sure how those would turn out, but they were some of my favorites this time around. It forces you to look at shapes and contrasts, and creates a sort of timeless mood, which I like since I drew so much inspiration from pieces created centuries ago, and I would hope that some of these would stand the test of time as well. I really wanted to study the body in poses similar to sculpted's usually a pose that looks slightly uncomfortable to hold, but shows the various angles and contortions our bodies are capable of bending to reveal muscle tones in subtle ways. I used to only photograph people with the intention of sketching them I really like highlighting these areas since that's something I still draw ideas off of for sketches in the future too.

This is what I translated the ideas into the final part of the series...there are a lot of favorite moments, so this is gallery 1 of 2.

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