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Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.

SWEDEN // island stay 2017

This August we decided to take off and regroup, refocus and inspire our work by visiting some friends in Sweden. It's a trip that should have happened years ago...but we finally made it over there. We stayed in Stockholm most of the time, but spent a weekend on an island off the coast in our friends' cabin. It was green, lush, on the cusp of fall, and rainy. My perfect conditions. 

The cabin we were housed in was built in the 1600's and transported by boat to this island. To be around architecture older than the entirety of the U.S. makes one realize how young our country truly is. We are a country experience growing pains, and a visit away was a wonderful escape to reflect, recharge, and play a little.

Here's a bit of our stay there. We made breakfast, took hikes around the island, and our friends cooked us a traditional Swedish dinner with cray fish.

Silks: The Poetry of Silk

Place cards: Brylo Wed

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