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Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.

Birthday + Father's Day

This year my birthday fell on Father's Day, so we decided to stay in and have a small family celebration together. We made a simple yogurt station with toppings in some of our antique vichyssoise cups, which survived the big earthquake in San Francisco in the early 1900's and were gifted to us as a wedding present. I really love incorporating some of these really special items into our everyday lives. As much as I love simple ceramics, there's a nice balance of bringing in delicate porcelain rimmed with gold. I love using a mix of the "untouchable" formal items often left in cabinets most of the time combined with everyday ware that welcomes you to the table without it feeling too precious. I think that's ultimately what my home life looks like and feels like, and it's also the vibe we bring to our wedding environments too.

I wanted to make an angel food cake, which I've never made before. I made our wedding cake when we got married too, and I sort of like that it looks imperfect with the wobbly edges and less pristine shape. It feels a little more real to me...not that I don't love the really beautifully crafted professional cakes as well. But for a family of 3, this was the perfect addition. This one flopped a bit more than usual...probably was too impatient to get it out of the pan while it was still too warm, so we slathered it in lemon curd and powdered sugar to make it a little prettier. I think it did the trick. I highly recommend lemon curd as a solution to wobbly edges.

I had some left over flowers on hand, so I made up a little table to set the mood for the day. Flowers really cheer a place up, and are part of our everyday lives without guests as much as they are for special occasions too, and I'm excited to dive into my new series this next half of the year that is more lifestyle based. Flowers are there for us when we celebrate, when we need to get well, when we grieve, when we travel and explore.

That's what we will be sharing more of this year, and we hope you like following along these moments as well as the wedding work.

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