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Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.

SWEDEN // city stay

A little of our stay in Stockholm this summer from our city explorations and a glimpse into the lifestyle focus I decided to document.

As much as I love weddings, it is only the starting point for our lives lived together. How you curate it is up to you. It's true that your wedding day is a day you'll never forget--I remember mine vividly. But after the wedding, life is made up of so many moments after that day that fill out our memories more fully. And I wanted to focus the rest of this year with elements that focus more on  lifestyle moments and how flowers play out in those settings as well, because for my family, it still plays a big part.

We get to choose some of the moments we want to remember in our minds eye. And for me, they revolve around fantastic meals (whether the food is good or not), but spent with my chosen people--because it's the experience and the senses involved that bookmark those moments in our minds--the same way we choose our wedding days to mimic and feel like. The people who get me, who have stood beside me in dark days, and who see the world how I see it too--that's where I want to spend my time. Those who see that an apple tree outside our front door is more than just a snack or an ornament for the yard, it's an activity with my son, it's our table decor, it's our inspiration for our dream house backyard, it's something to sketch. 

Swedish culture understands and supports the family dynamic and the emphasis that we are meant to work to live, not the American ways of living to work. That is the influence I want to instill in my life, in my son's life, and what I want to bring back with me to America as we act as participating members of our society to help mature our country during these adolescent growing pain years that the U.S. is living through currently. These are the heart of what I want to encourage our clients to embrace for their wedding day feeling in their overall design concept, and afterwards in their marriages together. 

So, these photos share a bit of how those values translate into my family's daily life activities, and hopefully it gives insight for what we encourage with our friends and clients in their own lives.


silk runners: The Poetry of Silk 

place cards: Brylo Wed




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