PAVAN FLORAL / Brie Walter

Pavan Floral is owned by Brie Walter, a California florist with an eye for artistic designs and a European inspired aesthetic.

sculpture shoot // PART C: PLAY

sculpture shoot // PART C: PLAY

After observation and note taking, I play around with ideas. Without other other vendors, no other voices, just the thoughts in my head of how something I saw might translate into work. I put on my Pavan playlist, which consists of inspiring movie scores and other music compositions that orchestrate and set the mood for what I want my work to evoke. To listen to samples of what I'm talking about visit our page here.


One of the writing concepts I loved learning in college was that we should describe and tell what isn't there as much as what is there. So some of my play is with negative space, some of my play is without human interaction, but maybe implies it was there at one point. And the way I capture some of those ideas is by photographing it for my records as another form of notes for later on to reference. What works, what doesn't...did it translate on film the way it did in person or in my head? This is the phase where I can ask all the questions in a quiet space and sit with the ideas to mold them a bit more. And then I throw on a dress and jump in the shots and have my husband capture what I'm trying to work out in the process. I can ask him for feedback, and no longer be alone with my thoughts. 

As a lifestyle we created a sort of bubble of art for ourselves. We are very intentional about our creative process, our influences, sharing what we are working through and the struggles we encounter on the daily basis of working through what isn't working or connecting us to the final product we want. We don't allow for many outside factors to come in too early in the creative process so that our intentions are as focused and pure and grounded as possible...if that makes sense? So I don't bring other people in for feedback until I'm at a certain place of fleshing out an idea...which is why I bring my husband in before other vendors. He can come into the room with a small footprint and help me see what I'm making just a little bit more clearly.

Here's what I did for the play day:

I played with photo angles, composition, textures, negative space, background colors...etc.

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